Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Blues

hey everyone!! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting anything lately!! I've been so busy and kinda hit a fashion lull for the past two months :( but I'm back! I really want to spend more time on my blog, so I'm starting outfit posts! 

Its been so cold and snowy here!!! I'm tired of it! ughhhhh I want spring! Can't wait for some warm weather so I can wear some pretty spring outfits I've thought up. :)

Heres my outfit for today: 

So how do you like it? Sorry for the awful lighting, I'm working on finding a better place to take pictures! Any suggestions?

See ya'll tomorrow!

Forever Fashionable,


  1. I absolutely LOVE how you paired the liquid leggings with a ruffled shirt without looking too springy in the middle of the winter. The necklace adds a nice touch without taking away from the actual outfit. Great outfit choice, I hope there's more to come :)
    <3 V

  2. Lovely blog!